A download manager for Puppy Linux

pWget is a simple GUI  for wget.

The aim of version 0.9.4 was to keep things as small and light-weight as possible,
while further improving its speed and user-friendliness. The interface is much simpler than earlier versions. I tried to get back to basics and make downloading as straightforward as possible.

Version 0.9.4 is the first version using YAD (yet another dialog) and makes good use of some of yad's capabilities: the yad drag-and-drop-dialog forms the main window...  following one of the Puppy Linux main principles.( "We'll drag till we drop" ☺ )


One of the hidden beauties of the yad D&D dialog is that it accepts multiple items: I tested this by dragging 20 urls into the window and they were downloaded perfectly in one go.
(this does not work when using the progress bar, only when using terminal, see below)
Another great feature is that this yad window always stays on top, regardless of the window manager used. This is quite essential for dragging.

The Preferences are just 4 simple choices:


  • wget-arguments: "--no-check-certificate" added to default, to cope with secure sites.
  • destination folder: Default is now $HOME, works in all pups, easily changed of course..You can add non-existing folders on-the-fly and they will be created. ( just an example: "$HOME/Downloads/Test/NewPets" or whatever, this is just to show the structure)
  • hold: keep the terminal open at the end of a download.
  • progress bar: if "no",  download happens in terminal. Again, progressbar can not handle multi-download.

--> URLs ending with "/download" are now downloaded with their correct file name, both in terminal and progress bar.

pWget 0.9.4 installs a starter icon in the tray. Left-clicking it opens pWget, right-clicking opens a handy menu. This tray-icon forms an integral part
of pWget 0.9.4  and makes downloading much easier, as you will soon discover.
Don't worry if you don't see the icon appearing in the tray: a reboot is needed and from then on, it will always be available. (... but if you don't want to wait till the next reboot, just go to /root/Startup and click the "pwget-tray-icon" script.)

I regard this pWget 0.9.4 as a test version and will not publish it in the first post of the pWget forum thread. I'm pretty confident it is working well, but would like to be sure...☂
When all is well, it will become final as version 0.9.5  ☺

Bert, October 2015

help page for earlier 0.9 versions